News :: Earl Sweatshirt, King Krule, Warpaint + Jagwar Mar collaboration

February 6th 2014


Well hooley f*%ckin’ dooley, looks as though we’ll soon be hearing a rather eclectic collaboration from the make-up of Earl Sweatshirt, King Krule, Warpaint and Jagwar Ma.


This mixing bowl of musical styles spurred from a 12-hour recording session hosted by the guys at Astral People earlier this week, which had jaws dropping and eyes peeling when they took to Facebook and uploaded photographic proof of these happenings (above).

The session occurred at the studio of Sydney based producer Jonti – no stranger to opening doors to big names – and saw the small recording space filled to the brim with the unlikely Laneway crew of Earl, Archie (King Krule), Theresa and Stella (Warpaint) and Jono (Jagwar Ma).

Despite the surprising nature of this collab, this isn’t the first time Earl and Archie have hit the studios together; recording material last year that the pair are yet to release. In an interview with The Clash, Earl admits, “That’s the only n-gga (King Krule) other than Tyler where when I make music with him I don’t have to talk.”

“We were very much on the same page. We were just sitting there faded, f-cking doodling. That shit was tight… He put vocals on this one beat that I gave him, and then we made a beat together.”

I can’t help but feebly attempt to create some sort of enigmatic, hip-hop meets indie-rock meets jazz meets psych-rock platter of sound in my mind, to prepare myself for what may come from this epic collaboration. Perhaps I’ll just wait and see.



Jagwar Ma  |  Warpaint


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