New residencies on FBi Click: Meanwhile, Sidechains, Laser Gunne Funke

September 8th 2015

FBi Click's First Birthday - 27.6.15 - Goodgod Small Club - Photo by Liam Cameron

Sydney has an incredibly strong community of producers, DJs and promoters, but the tightening of regulations around the city’s nightlife has left many of those creatives without a place to shine.

With that in mind, the next three months of FBi Click’s Residency are focused on some of Sydney’s best and most-loved club nights – Meanwhile, Sidechains and Lazer Gunne Funke. Two of these parties have recently lost their venues, but the sounds and scenes they’ve championed are vital to our city’s ever-changing cultural fabric.

In lieu of a club to take residence in, these institutions now have a home on your radio!



Once housed in the cavernous rave dungeon of Erskineville’s Imperial Hotel, Meanwhile stands for proper romping techno and an all-inclusive vibe. While they’ve since been forced to split from their iconic LGBTQI-friendly home, the party lives on thanks to two of Meanwhile’s late-night legends – Kiran De Silva and Matt Plant – who’ll strap in behind the mic and the decks for four shows in September.

They’re not alone either: Hatch, Pablo Calamari, Stoney Roads and UK house hero Breach will hit the studio for guest mixes, interviews, and the freshly-patented Late Night Trivia.




Bottling the fizz that rises between electronic music and fashion, Sidechains has become a unique part of Sydney’s club culture. It’s one of few thriving spots left in Kings Cross, lighting up Kit & Kaboodle every month with fashion-forward ravers throwing shapes to wild strains of bass music.

Brotherly duo Melty and Will are set to lead the Sidechains crew on FBi Click all through October with musical guests Fresh Hex, Enschway, Anatole and Monomyth, plus reps from the visual spectrum: Bugatti The Snake Crew, Damiano Dentice, Voena‘s Oliver Minnett and Pitch Zine‘s Christie Morgan.


Lazer Gunne Funke (1)


Ex-KX hotspot Hugos owes a lot to this rap-worshipping DJ duo. Their leaned-back, hyped-up parties brought hip hop heads and weekend warriors to the Cross on Sundays for years, and now they’ll be on your radio every Wednesday arvo in November. Jayteehazard, Matka, G Coo and Levins will all come through the studio too, spinning only the rawest bars and beats to celebrate Lazer Gunne Funke’s soon-to-be-announced new home turf.



The FBi Click Residency broadcasts every Wednesday at 4pm on digital radio and online here.

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