Meet your new Up For It host, Courtney Ammenhauser

January 10th 2020

Courtney Ammenhauser

You’ll be hearing a new voice every weekday morning 6-9am: our brand new Up For It host Courtney Ammenhauser!

Courtney has worked for a number of theatre companies, festivals and arts organisations as an actor, writer, director, workshop facilitator and producer including Queensland Theatre Company, Queensland Music Festival, Brisbane Festival, Out of the Box, NIDA, Sydney Fringe Festival and PACT. She has been one of FBi Radio’s regular Mornings hosts for the past year.

She is also part of award-winning performance collective, The General Public, who have performed their shows (Quarter Life Crisis, Europe Won’t Fix You, Noughty Girls) at festivals across the country including Woodford Folk Festival, Melbourne International Comedy Festival and Sydney Comedy Festival.

In October last year Courtney appeared in the collective’s latest work, Hot Mess, at Old 505 Theatre which has been picked up for a return season at KXT Bakehouse in 2020.

Prior to her appointment as host of Up For It, Courtney presented Tuesday Mornings weekly 9am-midday on FBi Radio and was part of the Up For It team of producers.

Get to know Courtney below!

How did you start listening to FBi and what’s your volunteer story here? 

When I moved to Sydney from Queensland my housemate at the time recommended listening to FBi because “they share lots of new local music and info about cool events happening around Sydney” – and she was right! I then applied to do the presenter training in 2018 and was lucky enough to take part in that before starting on the Allnighter roster doing shifts from 1 – 6 am. Then I started producing on Up For It with Ruby Miles at the start of 2019 and became the presenter for Tuesday Mornings last August.


What sparked your interest in radio?

Growing up in a regional area meant I spent a lot of time in a car to get anywhere and we always had the radio on and I loved it. I loved that I could learn something and it could spark further conversations with my family on our seemingly endless roadtrips. I was so excited when my primary school took my year six class to the big city of TOWNSVILLE  to teach us about media. On that excursion we went to the local radio station and they let me announce one of the mic breaks and I was hooked.


What did you get up to before hosting Up For It?

I’ve been kicking around the theatre and comedy scenes making shows with my performance collective The General Public. We’ve spent the last few years touring the country with our shows (Noughty Girls, Europe Won’t Fix You, Quarter Life Crisis) to festivals including Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Woodford Folk Festival, Adelaide Fringe and Sydney Comedy Festival. Keep an eye out for our show Hot Mess playing at KXT Bakehouse in April/May 2020.


If you could have absolutely anyone on the show, who would it be?

L I Z Z O ! Pretty please?


What’s Up For It going to sound like this year and are there new parts of the show you’re excited about?

Up For It is going to sound like a kid getting a new bike for their birthday. New, exciting, and something fun to get you from A to B in the morning.


What song gets you out of bed in the morning?

Good As Hell by Lizzo, obviously.


What was your favourite album in 2019 and what’s your favourite album ever?

Julia Jacklin’s Crushing both crushed me and made me crush even harder on Julia Jacklin.


Any emerging artists you’re keen to keep an eye on for 2020?

Yep! I reckon big things are coming for Stevan, Maina Doe and A.GIRL.


What’s your musical guilty pleasure?

Savage Garden 100% – still working on getting all the words in before the chica cherry cola in I Want You. Stay tuned.


Tune into Up For It with Courtney Ammenhauser every week day from 6am – 9am, commencing Monday Jan 13th!


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