Music Videos

Premiere: Mere Women Explore The Night In ‘Eternally’ Video

The Marrickville post-punk outfit have delivered dark, gritty visuals for their brand new single.

Watch: Spoon talk ‘Hot Thoughts’ and why they ditched acoustic guitar

Britt Daniel, Jim Eno and Alex Fischel have a chat on Mornings with Alex Pye about the sex, synths, and self-reflection on their new album, Hot Thoughts.

Watch Horrorshow play ‘Ceiling Fan’ live and talk Bardo State on What’s Good

From Tibetan Buddhism to guacamole, Horrorshow talk through the inspirations behind their new album, Bardo State. Watch ‘Ceiling Fan’ live in the studio, performed with special guest Omar Musa.

Watch Gordi perform ‘Wanting’ in the magical Stoneleigh Hotel

Somewhere in the back streets of Chippendale, in an abandoned hotel overrun by nature, a group of lucky FBi listeners got to experience a special live performance by Gordi.

Watch what went down behind the scenes of FBi’s Dance Class 2016

That’s a wrap! Here’s what went down with FBi’s Dance Class this year: from workshops and residencies to the final graduation party with a live set from GL.

Middle Kids in Iceland: Video & Photos from FBi‘s Northern Lights winners

It’s safe to say that Middle Kids made the most of their time in Reykjavik. Check out the video and photos from their trip, including their set at Iceland Airwaves Music Festival!

Premiere: Jannah Beth leads us through Sydney city in her ‘Cut Sick’ video

Hailing from Sydney’s inner west, rapper Jannah Beth paints a picture of city life in her video clip for ‘Cut Sick’.

DJ Club Etiquette with FlexMami – FBi‘s Dance Class Tip #3

How do you get booked as a DJ? Not just once, but again and again? FlexMami drops some knowledge on good club etiquette. Learn tips on how to structure your DJ set, self-promote and establish a strong persona.

Watch Alaska Orchestra perform ‘The Oloid’ for Ears Have Ears Live

Alaska Orchestra perform an exclusive composition titled ‘The Oloid’. Rainbow Chan and Megan Alice Clune talk freedom, improvisation and losing track of time.

How to start crate digging with Adi Toohey – FBi’s Dance Class Tip #2

Record stores can be scary places, but usually they’re not trying to be! FBi’s Dance Class mentor Adi Toohey shares her tips on how to start crate digging.