We’re looking for a new Minor Chord presenter!

August 14th 2015

Black Lips

Photo credit: Callum Van De Mortel (Black Lips – see full gallery)

Are you always organising your mates to go and see gigs?

Are your school friends always coming to you to find out what new music is cool?

Always dreamed of being on the radio?

Well, we want YOU!


Our weekly all ages radio segment The Minor Chord (Thursday Arvos) is on the hunt for new young presenters and contributors. Successful applicants will be passionate about music, have some knowledge of Sydney’s local all ages music scene, and an eagerness to learn.

We’re looking for young people aged 18 and under that live and breathe live music and are passionate about the all-ages scene in Sydney.

To apply answer the following 5 questions and email to scarlett@musicnsw.com by 5pm August 31. Concise 1 paragraph max answers please!

1) What is your age, location and full name?

2) What are your top 3 favourite Australian bands?

3) What was the last all ages gig you went to? Tell us about your experience.

4) How often do you go to all ages gigs in NSW?

5) Why would you be a good radio host on FBi Radio?

The Minor Chord is run in collaboration with Music NSW‘s Indent, who work to provide drug and alcohol free all-ages entertainment in NSW. Find out more about all ages events and projects you can get involved with if you’re under 18 and you love music here.


Thursday Arvo with Dom O’Connor



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