METZ share favourite tunes & stories from Laneway on Mornings with Greta Balog

March 4th 2016


  • Metz :: Interview on Mornings with Greta Balog
“Are you guys deaf yet?”

Canadian three-piece noise rock band METZ sat down for a chat with Greta Balog on Mornings. Out here for St Jerome’s Laneway festival, the self-admitted ‘nomad alcoholics’ apparently had a ball – both backstage and in the crowd, listening to Aussie and international artists.

Asked to choose some tunes to share during the interview, the band picked ‘Wouldn’t You Know’ by Sydney’s Royal Headache and ‘Snakehead’ by Toronto’s Dilly Dally.

The band raved about their favourite acts this year, hit us with some stories from the road, and frankly discussed the best methods for your early morning shower acoustics. Although they haven’t followed up their second album, II, with the 150+ show tour like their debut, METZ have lost none of their energy or enthusiasm.

“It’s a source of pride… we just kept saying yes to these opportunities. Recording is half the band and playing live is the other half.”

METZ aren’t afraid to try something different, from writing music for the soundtrack of Grand Theft Auto V through to considering future collaborations with a bathroom sink.

Listen above to hear the whole interview.




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