Meet Ebony Boadu: FBi’s Dance Class 2016 Trainee

October 19th 2016

Ebony Boadu - photo by Ella Maximillion


Ebony Boadu is one busy lady. In addition to co-running Izmz Magazine and throwing the monthly GIRLS party at Hudson Ballroom (previously Plan B Small Club), the hip hop and Afrobeat lover is also about to graduate from FBi’s Dance Class 2016, supported by V MoVement.

As part of the second generation of graduates, Ebony Boadu is now forging her way in Sydney’s music scene. Taking part in the Dance Class Residency on FBi Click and playing a string of regular club nights, she’s been practising and refining her skills for months – and you can hear the payoff in her masterful mix below.

If you love belting out your fave rap and r’n’b jams, you’d better ready yourself. Then, when you need a breather, read our interview with Ebony below.



Tell us a little about your DJ style.

I try and make my sets as fun, upbeat and energetic as possible, both in the music I play and in the way I interact with the crowd behind the decks. My choice in music can be pretty vast, although it’s usually determined by the crowd I’m playing to. I love being able to introduce people to stuff they might not have heard before – whether it’s an old school reggae song from my parent’s collection, or a brand new rap song – or remind them of a killer track they probably haven’t listened to in a really long time. 

Tell us about the mix you have made. 

Whenever I DJ, I try to visualise myself on the dance floor and think about what I’d want to be listening to. Loads of female anthems to sing along to, probably a little too many Kid Cudi songs, and then a real drastic switch to heavy, turn-up rap, for the low-key gangster inside us all. 

 What has been your favourite part of the class so far?

I think being around so many talented dance DJs has given me a much greater appreciation for electronic/club music. One of my favourite lessons was definitely vinyls week with Kali and Magda. I don’t think DJing is always taken as seriously as an artform as it should be. All the OG DJs put in so much work and even though we have a whole lot more technology at our disposal, the amount of time it takes to come up with a crazy setlist is probably pretty unbelievable to those who don’t DJ. My friend Ziggy bought me a vinyl player for my birthday last month so I’m super keen to start playing around with it.

We also just started recording our FBi Click show with Sandro which has been loads of fun. Having to come up with new mixes and music every week has been pretty tricky but being able to hear your mix and voice on air (as annoying as mine sounds) is such a cool experience. The whole process has taught me loads and I’m super, super grateful to have been a part of it!

What plans do you have for your DJing and music once the program is over? 

I only started DJing at the beginning of this year so I really just wanna keep learning and getting better! I’d love to be on crazy festivals and doing interstate or even international shows at some stage. We’ll see how it goes though – haha! 

What would you say to someone who might be thinking of applying for next year’s course?

Go for it! I think DJing is something you almost have to teach yourself. Although you can watch someone else do it, you essentially then have to go away on your own and finesse your skills, which at times can be pretty frustrating and a major deterrent. Dance Class allows you to have a supportive environment to make mistakes and then get better!


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See Ebony:

WHAT: FBi’s Dance Class party with GL (live) and debut sets from 2016 trainees
WHERE: FBi Radio, 44-54 Botany Rd, Alexandria
WHEN: Wednesday, October 19, 6-8pm
HOW MUCH: RSVPs have closed, but you can tune in live on FBi 94.5fm



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