FBi’s Dance Class

FBi's Dance Class 2016

Applications for 2016 have closed – good luck to all who applied!

We’re proud to announce the return of FBi’s Dance Class, our comprehensive DJ training and mentoring initiative for female dance music lovers, supported by V MoVement!

FBi is passionate about seeing more women take charge in the music industry, so we developed this program to discover, train and mentor a new crop of talent. In its first year, FBi’s Dance Class successfully launched the careers of five new DJs: SPORTS, Mirã Bõru, Genie, Lauren Hansom and Ellie Locke.

The 2016 program runs from July 20 to October 30. We’ll choose four trainees to participate in a series of masterclasses delivered by FBi Radio presenters and alumni, including DJs Andy Garvey (Sunset with Future Classic DJs), Adi Toohey (Sunset) and Kali (Picnic on FBi Click), and FBi’s Program Director Caroline Gates. These masterclasses will cover learning to mix using CDJs, Serato and turntables, plus find out about radio presenting, the music business and more.

The trainees will then be paired with an FBi mentor, who they will join on air for a month before taking charge of their own show – the Dance Class residency on FBi Click. Dance music needs a dance floor, so we’ll be setting up with live debut gigs for all the trainees to put all your new skills into practice.

It’s the kind of head start you can’t get anywhere else. Watch this space for the announcement of our 2016 trainees soon!


Meet the class of 2015

Lauren Hansom

FBi's Dance Class 2015: Lauren Hansom video

Lauren Hansom is all about soul, rhythm & groove.
Ellie Locke

FBi's Dance Class 2015: Ellie Locke video

Multi-talented Ellie Locke has surrounded herself with music all her life - from school choir to street busking and learning guitar and clarinet.
SPORTS Madeleine Carr

FBi's Dance Class: SPORTS (Madeleine Carr)

Madeleine Carr - aka SPORTS - is a ball of energy, behind the mic and on the decks. She's just graduated from FBi's Dance Class

FBi's Dance Class 2015: Genie (aka Genevieve Collier)

This is Genie: one of the smart, passionate & talented ladies we've mentored through FBi's Dance Class supported by V MoVement.
Mira Boru video

FBi's Dance Class 2015: Mirã Bõru (Tess Nicolaou)

See what Tess Nicolaou has learned as a graduate from FBi's Dance Class, our DJ training and mentorship program for young women.