Marina Abramović: In Residence with 12 Australian Artists

May 4th 2015
Marina Abramović / Private Archaeology, Paola+Murray, 2015

Marina Abramović / Private Archaeology, Paola+Murray, 2015

Pushing boundaries between performer and audience through striking methods of performance art, the eminent Marina Abramović presents a rare residency for 12 Australian artists.

From performance and theatre to dance and digital media, 12 artists have been personally selected by Abramović and given the opportunity to immerse themselves through an intensive live-in residency where they will spend time exploring the Abramović method working directly with Abramović herself, and trainer Lynsey Peisinger.

We’re proud to say that our very own Frances Barrett (host of Canvas every Sunday) is among the Sydney based artists that have been selected to participate, alongside Harriet Gillies, Rosylyn Helper, Sarah Rodigari, George Khut and more.

Abramović’s work raises mental and physical awareness, such as that seen in her most recent exhibition 512 Hours at the Serpentine Gallery in 2014. Audiences were invited to leave their baggage at the door, both physically and metaphorically – and experience the act of being present in the moment.

For 12 days, Kaldor Public Art Projects will present the first exhibition of its kind in Australia. The public will be able to experience the work of Abramović with a focus on audience involvement and response. Marina Abramović : In Residence will see the selected performers working with Abramović to challenge performance traditions and engage conversation and activate collaboration amongst audiences.


WHAT: FBi Presents: Marina Abramovic : In Residence
WHERE: Pier 2/3, Walsh Bay, Sydney
WHEN: 24 June – 05 July
HOW MUCH: FREE – more info here



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