Listen :: World’s End Press tell Tall Stories on Lunch with Darren Lesaguis

October 16th 2015

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“We didn’t just want to be behind a computer screen nodding our heads and not have that potential for mistakes.”

John Parkinson and Rhys Richards from three-piece dance masters World’s End Press hopped in the studio with Darren Lesaguis ahead of their show at the Civic Underground where they were busy launching their new EP, Tall Stories. They’re a group that loves to mix traditional instrumentation with dancetronic background beats, although lately they’ve been leaning more towards the boops and away from the live drum loops.

“It’s a natural progression that comes with knowing our way around production a bit more.”

The boys have been pretty busy in the past four or five years, playing shows with the likes of Architecture in Helsinki, Roland Tings and a whole heap of others. They’ve eased up a little prior to their Tall Stories tour, finding the time to get some new music out.

“When you’re touring you don’t have sustained studio time and lots of interruptions and you may have a lot of ideas but you can’t see them through.”

There’s still a couple of gigs to go if you’re keen to catch the Tall Stories as World’s End Press presses on towards the end. So what are these tall stories all about?

“[The] name… is quite evocative not just of Melbourne but also of all cities, and the stories those cities enclose.”

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