Listen: Radical Bodies, Nick Cave & Bankstown on Canvas

December 8th 2014


For the penultimate Canvas show for 2014, Artist, Filmmaker & Fat Activist Kelli Jean Drinkwater talked to Frances about ‘Nothing to Lose‘: a new dance theatre work by Force Majeure showing at Carriageworks as part of Sydney Festival 2015.

We also played an excerpt of a conversation between Chicago-based fashion, performance & sculpture artist Nick Cave and critic Andrew Frost presented by Carriageworks on November 13. Nick spoke about performance, ritual and the social responsibility of the artist and how these interests manifest in his ‘sound suits’.

And finally, Artistic Director of Urban Theatre Projects, Rosie Dennis joined us in the studio to talk about her upcoming curatorial project, ‘Bankstown:Live‘ which is also premiering at Sydney Festival 2015. Rosie gave an insight into her process of curating and creating projects in communities and how she negotiates the roles of artist and Artistic Director.

Kelli Jean curated some phat tracks for the program, all of which were her inspiration for Stereogamous‘ soundtrack for ‘Nothing to Lose‘.

For the full playlist, head to the Canvas program page.


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