Listen :: Naughty Rappers Collective ‘Pimpish Behaviour’

August 28th 2013


They’ve been sitting slyly on the lineup for FBi Turns 10 for weeks now, and yet no-one has known very much about Naughty Rappers Collective.

After a teaser trailer (below) that gave nothing away except that these guys have a lot of stock footage of topless ladies from the 60s, we’ve finally got a piece of music to attribute to the name. And what a piece of music it is…

There’s not much to say about ‘Pimpish Behaviour’ that it doesn’t say for itself, but it’s probably best summarised by our music director, Stephen Goodhew:

“The track is quite possibly the funniest shit I have ever heard. I didn’t know it was possible to fit so many dick references into into four minutes. Seriously impressed.”

Catch NRC at FBi Turns 10! on Sunday September 8th – it’s our massive birthday party at Carriageworks. Full lineup and ticket details here!




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