Listen :: M5K exclusive mix for Sunset with Adi Toohey

January 16th 2015

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It’s easy to see Melbourne-born producer M5K (aka Micka Lesinskis) is a big legend. Just check out his Soundcloud profile picture (above) – rap squat, slab of UDLs, drum machine – all the ingredients for some tasty productions. Micka was kind enough to record a mix for Saturday Sunset and answer a few of our questions – have a listen while you read…


  • M5K :: Exclusive Mix for FBi Radio


Adi: You’re up this weekend to play alongside Andy Hart and Dreems on Saturday at The Bridge Hotel in Rozelle for the Ghostly boys. Is this your first gig in Sydney?

– First DJ gig, yes!

You’re about to release a solo EP called Marcy Ave on Andy’s new label Voyage Recordings. Is that a reference to Brooklyn, NY?

– Indeed. I lived next to Marcy Ave station for 4 months. It was used as a meeting point everyday for me. The top of my apartment had an amazing view of Brooklyn/Marcy Ave station on one side, and Manhattan on the other. I use to sit up there for hours watching the trains go back and forth morning/day/night. A place to hang and a place of contemplation and the backbone for every one of these tracks.

Have you been sitting on those tracks for a while or are they fresh material? Is it for the club or at home, or both?

– They’re not so fresh anymore as vinyl releases are often a lengthy process. From the time I finished most of these tracks to the predicted release date, it will have been about a year. These tracks are for the club, beach, street, convertible, wherever. They’re all centred around the experiences I had living/travelling around the states.

What sort of music have you been listening to lately?

– I only just bought the new Lone album on R & S, that’s been getting some heavy rotation. Also, Pender St Steppers have been killing it for a minute.




Which parties in Melbourne get you off the couch and why?

– Any of the Animals Dancing parties. I’ll be on the couch for about a week after the last C Grade (in a month or two), or off the couch if you feel me.

Anything special we should know about the mix?

– Yeah my housemate Keenan let me use one of his turntables so I could record this mix, thanks Keenan!



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