Listen: Hermitude on Arvos with Amy Gibbs

November 12th 2015


  • Arvos with Amy Gibbs :: Hermitude Interview


“[My dad said] Angus, Angus! I need you to fill in just for one or two nights… no other drummer ever showed up.”

Australian Music Prize winners and self-described bush-doof/ hip-hop duo from the Blue Mountains Hermitude hopped into the studio with Amy Gibbs to chat. El Gusto and Luke Dubs have had a heavy and happening 2015 with the release of Aussie chart-topper Dark Night Sweet Light and a big show at the Hordern Pavilion in the calendar.

“Part of our ethos is to go in and not put up any barriers… the other part is just to have ideas.”

As always, there’s a bit of fond history stretching back to the pair’s meeting in 1994, when the 11-year-old Gusto got stuck playing drums in piano-key Luke’s after-school band. Recently, Hermitude’s music has adopted a few Cuban vibes here and there, no doubt a result of Gusto’s sojourn to the country as a kid, courtesy of his “crazy muso guy” father.

How do they feel about the new beats creeping in?

“Atmosphere helps boost the wonderousness.”

WHO: Hermitude
WHERE: Hordern Pavilion
WHEN: Friday 27 November
HOW MUCH: Sold Out



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