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February 19th 2015


Local production duo Fishing dropped past the FBi studio late on Saturday night for a mix on Spin The Bottle‘s Andy Garvey and Johnny Lieu. Following a tour of music from around the world they met followed to sign some unexpected ‘business deal$’…


A: Doug, Russel, welcome to the studio. What have we been listening to for the past hour?

D: It has been quite a mixed bag. I think because we have been listening to a lot of different music at the moment we weren’t quite sure what to play, so we kind of just chucked in a bit of everything.

R: Yeah, it was like we were just in our lounge room deciding what to play and showing each other tracks. So there has been some new, random songs that we wanted to show each other.

D: That last one was a classic Cliques track, from Sydney. I was also excited about that Jimmy Edgar track in the centre too.

R: And then there was all this Portuguese stuff that we end up playing whenever we play a set. You get to that point when you’re always playing house music and you’re like ‘hey, I want to hear something from Portugal that is mainly percussion and yelling, and at 128kbps’.

A: Exactly! There was also a Japanese one as well, you sort of went around the globe..

D: Ah yeah! Nami Shimada, I think is the name of the artist. It is an early Japanese house track called ‘Sunshowers’. It’s really good. It’s not usually my vibe, that quite twee house music, but that track, I dunno, there is something about it, it is just really nice.

A: The mix that you guys just played is quite different to the music that you make. Do you guys get inspiration from this music?

R: Traditionally the stuff that we have made is essentially ‘pop’, or more song based. It is more chilled out and focuses more on the melodies more. But recently the new stuff that we are making is more influenced by this kind of stuff and is a bit more like the dance music that we are listening to.

So it is a bit of an interesting mixed bag of what we play and what we actually try and write. Sometimes you just kind of try and put every genre into you music and it just fails.

A: But your music is indie, and has electronic elements and some hip-hop, so you do seem to be able to fusing them quite well. You had a very big year last year, releasing an album and playing lots of shows. Do you have many plans for 2015?

D: Yeah – we had a really, really great year last year. We had so much fun and got to travel overseas with music and play a lot of festivals that were really great. We are really thankful that that all happened and we hope to roll that on this year.

We are trying to work on another album and get that out a lot faster this time round.

R: The last album we sat on for a long time, it was that kind of album though I guess. This one we want to do something that is really the opposite of that. Make it super immediate and put out a bunch of tracks together that we are listening to at the same time.

Not that that is any worse, or any less valuable, but it is just a different way of approaching it.


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