Listen :: Anthony Fantano from The Needle Drop Interview + Guest Program

September 16th 2014


When Anthony Fantano, self-professed “music nerd” and top notch reviewer from The Needle Drop, joined us on Arvos we couldn’t help but pick his musical brain. In return, he picked some gems from our music library and guest-programmed an awesome half-hour of tunes for us. From his “jazz boys” BADBADNOTGOOD to a couple of artists he’d never heard before, Fantano gave us a glimpse of his reviewing process. Twitey also put him to the test with some quick thinkin’, one-word reviews on a few records – and a sneak peek at what current albums he thinks will stand the test of time. We’re giving this guest programme a 10/10, but that might be a tad bias.

  • Arvos with Twitey :: Anthony Fantano (The Needle Drop) Interview



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