Listen :: A Rational Fear Live with Bob Carr, Dan Ilic, Hannah May Reilly & more

April 29th 2014


It’s not every night you tune in to FBi and hear old mate Bob Carr on your radio.

A Rational Fear made that happen last night, broadcasting their sold-out live show from Giant Dwarf in Redfern. In true ARF form, it was an hour of slicing political satire, hilarity and mild chaos.

Joining the panel with former Foreign Minister Carr was our beloved Girl Gone Mild Hannah May Reilly, Lewis Hobba, Greg Fleet, James Colley and as always, papa Fear, Dan Ilic.

Listen back to all the funnies you missed because you were laughing at the previous funnies:

  • A Rational Fear :: Live at Giant Dwarf (28 April)


While you’re at it, get your ears around the previous A Rational Fear live show with guests Gretel Killeen, Dan McNamee (Art Vs Science), Patrick Magee (Fresh Blood), Alex Lee (The Roast) and ‘The Kids from Newtown High School’. Stream it here.


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