Japandroids on experimentation, their “wall of amps” & figuring it out as a duo

July 24th 2017

  • Japandroids :: Interview with Stephen Ferris

Brian King and David Prowse are Vancouver rock band Japandroids. Off the back of third album ‘Near to the Wild Heart of Life’, the pair toured Australia and joined Stephen Ferris on Mornings.

When King (vocals, guitar) and Prowse (vocals, drums) started Japandroids, they just wanted to do what all good rock bands want to do: “smash”, “bash”, and “rock out.” Over time, King developed his lyrics and the pair forged their own distinctive sound.

“A lot of the bands that Dave and I really love… that we were trying to emulate, they were four and five piece bands. So our struggle to write songs…inevitably, you know, involves us writing something sort of different or sort of unique because there’s only two of us.”

Together, they’ve navigated the ups and downs of being a duo. Having created a huge sound that has excited fans around the world, they’re yet to crack Japan, despite the name. “I’m not sure they really get it,” King says.

Get it for yourself, by listening to the full interview above. The duo discuss touring van convos, writing in the moment and the challenges involved in representing their record on stage.


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