Introducing Our New Up For It! Presenters

February 18th 2022

From left to right: Lill Scott, Dan Rispler, Nazlican Eren, Sidd Sharma, Maleeka Gazula, and Helenna Barone-Peters

Our flagship breakfast program Up For It! is going to sound a little different this year. We’re excited to announce that six new presenters will be keeping you company every weekday morning. 

It’s a total shakeup of Up For It! program, which has historically been hosted by a single presenter for a two year tenure. Alumni include Georgia Hitch, Lucy Smith, Ruby Miles and Courtney Ammenhauser. 

Isabel Phillips will steer the ship as the new Executive Producer of Up For It!.

About the change, FBi Radio Program Manager Mija Healey said;

“I am so excited about the potential this structure has for new ideas, segments and styles to shine. I’m proud to have given the chance to more presenters to host their own breakfast program. I hope that it will bring them more radio opportunities in the future.”

Up For It! will continue to air in its original time slot of 6–9am every weekday. Popular segments such as ‘Snack Time with Nick Jordan’, ‘Brekky Banger’, and ‘Reason to Get Out of Bed’ will also remain the same.  

Presenters and their days of the week are as follows:
MONDAY: Lill Scott
TUESDAY: Nazlican Eren & Dan Rispler
WEDNESDAY: Sidd Sharma
THURSDAY: Helenna Barone-Peters
FRIDAY: Maleeka Gazula

The new era of Up For It! will kick off on FBi Radio on Monday February 21. Tune in to 94.5fm, digital radio, or stream via our website. 


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