Interview :: Light Year on Spin The Bottle

January 29th 2015


In the midst of his current month long DJ residency at Meanwhile club, Sydney native Light Year stopped by the studio to present a mix full of silky house, classic acid and off-kilter funk…

Spin The Bottle’s Andy Garvey and Johnny Lieu also caught up with him for a quick chat about his travels, new music and his thoughts on the current Sydney club scene.


A: Hey Jordan, welcome to the studio! You have been spending some time over in London recently, how did that all go down?


LY: I was living in LA for a minute, and then I did a tour of London and throughout Europe and I just fell in love with the scene over there. Its really good for music and particularly house and techno and disco and that sort of stuff. It’s a super progressive music scene. I applied for the visa and gave it a crack.

Also, I have been meaning to give her a shout out, I actually met my girlfriend over there as well. So that all held me down for a year and a half over there, loved it. Now I’m back here, next move might be over seas again or stay here, I’m not quite sure.


A: It must be pretty different coming back to the Sydney scene now that there have been those changes to the lock out laws.


LY: Yeah, that’s crazy. I live in Potts Point, which is just around the corner from Kings Cross. Just walking through there now at night, not that I ever really partied there or went to many of the clubs there too often, except for the odd time at The World Bar, but it is definitely a lot quieter and I have definitely seen a rise of people going to different areas. Predominantly Double Bay, or where I have been residenting down at Meanwhile in Erskineville.

There is a lot of young kids, a cross section of young girls and guys going out down there and it is really cool.


A: It is a totally different area to go out in. It must be really cool to hold down a month long residency in Australia, it is some what a new thing around here.


LY: It’s really fun. From a DJs point of view it’s good to have somewhere to play regularly, and hone your set. To be able to try out certain tracks, to trial them and see if this works; ‘no, I like listening to this but it sucks in the club’ or otherwise you are surprised like ‘I hate this track but it works really well in the club’.

It’s also good to have a consistent crowd of kids who want to come and see you and dance and get amongst it.


A: Totally, how was last night? You played with LO’99 and Terace…


LY: I did, I did. It was great. There was a line out the door when I got there which is always good. I played for an hour there and played a bunch of new stuff that I have coming out and both tracks went really, really well.

It’s a great sound system there as well and the crew that run it are really nice. It’s just a great place to play.


A: And you do have some new music coming out right?


LY: I do, I have got a new EP coming out in the first week of March on Exploited Records, which I am pretty excited about. It is the last in a little run of EPs and then from there, who knows what is going to happen!

A: Yeah, it seems like a pretty open door right now, you have got a lot of options, it must be pretty exciting.


LY: Yeah, options are exciting. It keeps you guessing.




Moodymann – Got 2 Make It 2 Heaven (Moodymann Mix)
Soundstream – Tease Me
Marquis Hawkes – Fat Man
Light Year – Slow Burn feat. Jas Shaw
Mr G – Tommys Groove
Christian S – Die Durch Die Nase Lachen
Lando Kal – Let You In The Sky
Seven Davis Jr – P.A.R.T.Y
Boddika & Joy Orbison – &Fate
Tom Trago & Bok Bok – Hole Driller 3
Levon Vincent – Double Jointed Sex Freak (Part 3)
Rick Wilhite – Drum Patterns & Memories (Moodymann Mix)
Young Marco – Psychotic Particle
Mr Fingers – Washing Machine (LY Edit)
Palms Trax – Late Jam (Willie Burns’ DANCE Remix)
Jesse & Crabbe – Riot Squad (LY’s mix out edit)
New Musik – Warp (Ilo Edit)


LIGHT YEAR:  @lightyearmusic |




WHO :: Light Year + Stephane 1993 + Stereogamous
WHAT :: Meanwhile Dance Club
WHERE :: The Roller Den, basement of the The Imperial Hotel, 26 Erskineville Rd
WHEN :: Friday January 30
MORE INFO :: Meanwhile facebook page


Spin The Bottle: Saturdays 9-11pm | STB facebook



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