Interview :: Deep Sea Arcade

November 19th 2012

Here at FBi, we’ve always had a little crush on Deep Sea Arcade. From their very beginnings in 2008 we’ve been cheering them on and look where they are now! Right in the middle of their ‘Granite City’ tour and back from a little trip to Europe (no biggie), the DSA boys are as cheeky as ever – but continually moving on and upwards. We’re pretty glad to have witnessed the whole journey, and Rachel Sibley recently checked in with bassist Nick Weaver about his perspective on where they’ve come from and where they’re going.


You’re in the middle of ‘The Granite City’ tour with The Preatures, what’s it like being back on the road in Australia?

We love it. It’s good to be back. Touring Europe is obviously great fun but you can imagine how much we missed the heat and the beaches. Let the night swimming commence!

Speaking of your Europe trip, what were some highlights from your time there?

We played some great shows and were very naughty for most of the tour. The last week we were over there we hired a huge manour in the south of France for really cheap. We took a bunch of people down there, had a big party and shot a video clip in the country side. It was one of the best weekends of all time.

Another of the highlights I should mention was our guitarist Jimmy doing open air Karaoke in Berlin – check it out…

Which track from your debut album ‘Outlands’ is the biggest crowd pleaser?

Lonely In Your Arms tends to get a big reaction still. There’s something about that song that makes people want to mate with each other in front of us.

The band has come a fair way from where they were in 2008, how would you describe the journey to where you guys are today?

It’s been a total circus. There have been good times and bad times and a whole lot of really amazing parties. It really is like being married to five dudes.

When did you first think, ‘yep, we’re going somewhere with this band’?

I think I’ve always had a lot of faith in the music and the people involved so there’s always been that general feeling of “going somewhere” since I was a kid writing music with Nic M. However, if you want a more specific anecdote, someone threw a bra on stage last week. That felt like a milestone.

If you could go back in time, is there anything you wish you could have done differently in relation to the band?

I really don’t think so. I won’t pretend we’ve had a dream run – I don’t think there is such a thing for bands. But I love where we’re at at the moment and whatever led us here was good for us.

You’ve had a guitarist change in the band recently, has that changed much with the band and how you guys play together?

Live, the band does sound a bit different here and there – maybe a little more rock & roll, but I honestly think it’s stronger than ever. Jimmy is a brilliant guitarist and has been a very close friend of ours for a while so he was an obvious choice. Aside from his musical prowess, he is a massive personality and really uplifting presence. We’ve always been a happy band but I think it feels more like a band of brothers than ever before. Cheesy but true.

How’s the writing of new music humming along?

Very good. Shan’t say too much but we won’t be keeping people waiting for album number two for very long.

The band is playing Peats Ridge over the New Year period, what else can we expect from you guys in the New Year?

It might be a little while before we tour Australia again but we’ll be working hard on recording new tunes of course.


Check out Deep Sea Arcade’s new video ‘Granite City’…

WHO: Deep Sea Arcade with The Preatures + Fishing
WHERE: The Metro Theatre (all ages!)
WHEN: Friday 30 November
HOW MUCH: $20 + BF from


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