Independent Artist of the Week: S M Jenkins

February 29th 2016

SM Jenkins

From Sydney favourites Step-Panther comes the new intimate solo project of frontman Steve Bourke: S M Jenkins.

The new alias is a music nerd’s delight: ‘S M Jenkins’ in the pseudonym Stephen Malkmus gave himself on the cover Pavement’s Wowee Zowee. Beyond the name, Bourke’s new solo EP Out There In The Zone is an introspective and immersive experience. Written and recorded in isolation in Mittagong, the tracks draw inspiration from bushwalks in the wilderness, long late-night drives and, of course, The Simpsons.

Bourke says his first single ‘Mikrowave’ is a song about “trying to make the best out of whatever you’ve got going on”. Given its garagey-sweet sound, it will definitely bring some sunshine to your day. Maybe even a case of the warm-fuzzies. As he drones, “I feel safe/sitting in the crossfire/of the warm radioactive light” – your heart melts a little bit, doesn’t it? We won’t tell anyone.

SM Jenkins’ debut solo EP Out There In The Zone is released early March 2016.
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