Independent Artist of the Week: Middle Kids

May 9th 2016


Some songs have the power to have a profound effect on your psyche. Middle Kids can morph a tired, dreary soul into one that radiates euphoria – and that’s a pretty special thing.

The Sydney three piece is made up of Hannah Joy, Tim Fitzand, and Harry Day. Their first offering ‘Edge Of Town’ is as catchy as it is complex, guiding us through the tale of a girl who is swallowed up by the earth. Joy’s exquisite vocals aren’t just a whole lot of fun – they’re also deeply intelligent. As she bellows, “I’m standing face to face with the king of the underground,” it’s not hard to imagine that Middle Kids might just be this aforementioned king. And here I am, on one knee, giving them all the praise I can muster.

Nestled in between the lonely wail of a single slide steel guitar, the distorted mess of indecision, and the comfort of a familiar melody, you’ll find Middle Kids. And you’ll want to stay with them a while.

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