Independent Artist of the Week :: Loudun

April 27th 2015


Loudun is the epitome of the contemporary young producer – unique, ambitious, and absolutely in love with the craft.

After spending his teen years studying his 90’s and 00’s R&B and pop heroes like a ravenous caterpillar, he has emerged like a butterfly to bring something beautiful to the world. His music is familiar yet alien, comforting but frenetic, contemporary but timeless; a perfect blend of old and new that combines the earworms of classic pop hits of with the ethereal sounds of future beats.

His best-known single ‘Gold’ featuring fellow Sydney-based artist Tashka starts off with subtle waves of synth under chiming xylophone hits, pops and claps and builds into an irresistibly catchy dance track. Like that friend who runs up to you when you’re moping in the sports bar, grabs your hand and drags you back to the dance floor, it’s the perfect track to turn any night into a classic one.

If you’re sitting indoors feeling the rainy-day blues, or in the corner peeling off the label on your beer, check out his Soundcloud here and prepare to get moving.

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