Independent Artist of the Week: Lottie World

August 10th 2022

  • Lottie World :: Interview with Lill Scott

Eora-based Lottie World presents a unique flavour of lo-fi bedroom pop on her debut record My Pop Album. The release delivers on its name with introspective and witty lyrics accompanying bright and playful instrumentation.

The Papua New Guinean Australian Artist, who began her artistic journey in the visual arts realm, has now branched out into the world of music (or should we say music has entered Lottie’s World). Making the leap through collaborations with Independent Artist of the Week alumni 198archie, she has now stepped out on her own. Lottie joined Lill Scott on Up For It! as FBi Radio’s latest Independent Artist of the Week to chat all about her debut album and how her first foray into music came about.

“I’d just always been singing and dancing. I played the flute from a young age. So it’s always been a part of my life. But I started making music probably in High School. I was really obsessed with acapella, so I’d make these acapella covers of all my favourite songs… It grew from there”

Some of Lottie World’s influences and idols stem from this love of acapella. She attributes Timbaland as a huge influence, specifically his acapella-esque beatboxing. In fact Lottie World’s track ‘The Game’ is directly inspired by the American rapper and producer. She does however draw from a much larger pool of influences throughout the album. Elements of Papuan music and church hymns also trickle into My Pop Album.

The process of creating My Pop Album was just as eclectic and unique as Lottie’s influences. Created entirely on a 2014 edition iPad using garage band and EarPod microphone, the production of the record was as DIY as it gets.

“I had so many [loops and random bits of experiments] over the past three years that I thought had potential to be released and I never really knew how I was going to get them out there and produce them and stuff… I ended up being like ‘they sound good on their own so I’ll just put it out there’”
“I always thought by the age of 23 I would have moved on to at least Logic or something. But I think I’ve just fallen in love with this sort of scratchy quality and embracing the imperfections”

Lottie World centres the concept of ‘finding belonging’ in both her visual art and music. Lottie uses her clay-infused paintings and songs to come to terms with her Papua New Guinean-Australian Identity.

“It’s always a theme throughout my life. Figuring out where I sit and being observant of my place. I come from Papua New Guinean heritage but for a lot of my childhood I had no real close connection with that. It left me feeling dissociated with the Australian Identity but also my brown skin and Papuan Identity”
“I would say that each song represents a different facet of my personality… or an experience of trying to belong somewhere”

Lottie World has no live shows on the near horizon as she works on figuring out how to bring My Pop Album to life. She’s promising a “half magic show, half karaoke”. You can however check out the album below and listen back to her chat with Lill Scott up the top.


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