Independent Artist Of The Week: Lonelyspeck

December 19th 2016


Adelaide bedroom producer Sione Teumohenga is the creative brain behind Lonelyspeck: a new project centered around concepts of emotion, identity and the seemingly endless vastness of the universe. (Just the little stuff!)

Following the release of their debut album, Presence, in 2014, Lonelyspeck recently signed to local label TEEF Recordings. As a bedroom producer, Teumohenga masterfully produces every element of their own music – including recording, mixing, mastering, graphics and video.

The recently released single ‘All My Skin On The Air’ is an experimental, genre-melding pop treasure, complete with a intricate balance of tones, textures and soulful r’n’b vocals. It’s the perfect wake-up track for any sombre, rainy morning.

Immerse yourself in the splendour of ‘All My Skin On The Air’, below:

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