Independent Artist Of The Week: Lower Plenty

December 12th 2016


Gritty, nostalgic slow jam ‘Bondi’s Dead’ is the new single from Lower Plenty’s fourth album, out via Bedroom Suck Records.

Lower Plenty seamlessly combine laid-back, grungy vocals with delicately evocative, wistful acoustic guitar. The band, named after a suburb of the outer fringes of Melbourne, draws together musicians from Total Control, The UV Race and Deaf Wish.

Their music carries both a sense of calm and restlessness with it, a reflection of the rarity in which the band meet (in between tours and other jobs) to record new music. Lower Plenty’s home recordings combine their talent for self-reflection and introspection on their soon-to-be-released album, Sister sister. Relaxed and refreshingly real, they’re the kind of band that would fit right in on the Juno soundtrack.

Take a trip down memory lane and bask in the gentle warmth of ‘Bondi’s Dead’ below:


WHO: Lower Plenty
WHAT: Album launch
WHERE: The Fitzroy Pinnacle, Vic
WHEN: 3pm-6pm Saturday December 17th
HOW MUCH: Free entry. More info here


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