Independent Artist of the Week :: DEAFCULT

June 1st 2015

deafcult pr

DEAFCULT are a six piece that create an atmosphere reminiscent of My Bloody Valentine, combined with the melodic energy of post-hardcore and the condensed fury of anthemic punk.

The new band has done well to incorporate the diverse styles of their past efforts, with members hailing from well-loved Brisbane bands The Gifthorse, The Larch and Roku Music. That experience has come into great use on their self-titled EP, which boasts a fully developed sound with a maturity that betrays the band’s youth.

The opening track ‘Beemomug’ captures a beauty in roughness, like hot concrete on a summer day. They make their noise-pop sensibilities known right off the bat, as the guitars twinkle above a driving drum line before melting into a haze of harmony. The song is short and sweet, but there is also a sense of anticipation throughout it that acts as the perfect introduction to the rest of an incredibly impressive seven-track release.

Check out DEAFCULT on Bandcamp here.

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