Independent Artist Of The Week: b00bjob

August 29th 2016


Brazen Sydney artist b00bjob (that’s all lower case and two zeroes) is not your everyday rapper. He once titled a song with the URL of an amateur skate video, and his official website contains nothing but a static webcam-esque photo of himself underneath the words, “hello and welcome – I am an interdimensional and time-agnostic telepath”.

He recently released his debut track ‘Brown Shane Warne’ on the young Sydney label Yes Rave (run by fellow rapper Simo Soo). Produced by King Single, this track is available as a pay-as-you-want download and includes bonus remixes by Perth’s Tobacco Rat, Laxe Luther and Oceanland.

A rapper who rarely plays gigs (and when he does, he usually cracks jokes on AutoTune), his track ‘Brown Shane Warne’ is three and a half minutes of boasting about being bloody great. Let’s all rejoice.

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