Independent Artist Of The Week: Hideous Towns

August 2nd 2016

Hideous Towns 2016

Melbourne four-piece band Hideous Towns combine elements of shoegaze, post punk and dream pop in their addictive new release ‘Don’t Forget’.

Comprised of members Alana West, Ashley Stirling, Chris MacLean and Ryan DeCoite, Hideous Towns are set to release their debut album later this year via The Lost and Lonesome Recording Co. After releasing their first single ‘Joy/Don’t Look Up’ in April 2014, the band have been doing the rounds across their hometown with the likes of Gold Class, The Creases, Lowtide and The Ocean Party.

Recorded and remixed by Mathew Hosking (VHS Dream), ‘Don’t Forget’ is the hazy, emotion-fuelled alt dream-pop track you’ve been waiting all year to hear.

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