VIDEO: Ian Darling & Yvonne Sampson on the last years of Adam Goodes’ career

June 17th 2019

Ian Darling The Final Quarter

Fire Up! on Mornings with Stephen Ferris was honoured to host Yvonne Sampson of Fox Sports League, and Ian Darling the director of The Final Quarter, a documentary chronicling of the last years of AFL star Adam Goodes’ career.

In this open discussion, Stephen and Fire Up! offsider Kris Gale chat with Ian and Yvonne about the film which premiered at the Sydney Film Festival, and which uses archival footage to attempt to grasp how something like this could happen to such an admirable public figure.

In threading together contemporaneous materials which chronicled the incidents that led to Australian of the Year and double Brownlow Medallist Adam Goodes quitting the game, the film gets to an uncomfortable truth about the racism that still pervades Australian society. Ian talks about how he put this ambitious project together, the importance of listening and what it was like showing the film to Adam for the first time, and Yvonne offers insight from a Rugby League perspective as well as relating some of her own experiences as a proud Indigenous woman.

Watch below as they pick apart what happened, what it meant then and where we are now.

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