Hedge Fund interview: How Hitler influenced one of their singles and playing to drunk crowds

April 21st 2016

Hedge Fund

  • Hedge Fund :: Interview with Tia Newling

Nick Weaver and Will Colvin of Hedge Fund dropped by The Bridge to talk to Tia Newling about their musical inspiration and drunk crowds during their tour with British India.

On their track ‘Look Who’s Back’, Nick explains his influences: from the video clip for New Order’s ‘Crystal’ that he used to watch as a 10 year old on Rage, to repeat listens to TV On The Radio’s ‘Happy Idiot’. There’s also a political theme to the song, inspired by satirical German book ‘Look Who’s Back’ – which is a about Hitler waking up in 2016 in his full uniform covered in petrol in a field in Berlin, and having to integrate in modern society. Yup.

Ahead of the interview, the band had just shared the video for their most recent single ‘Summer’s Getting Shorter’. Nick told Tia:

“I’m also a music video director, I’m just about to start a company called Polyester Collective with a bunch of other dudes, Tyson Perkins as a cinematographer and Colin Lucas who;s an amazing gaffer. And we do all our video clips together, all our video clips are based around me being an absolute freak, but in a really, really beautifully shot way. But that’s just down to Tyson being just a genius cinematographer.”

After their recent tour with British India, they recalled a particularly loose crowd at Carmens in Miranda:

“We played at 8pm in Miranda, and it was a full house, and they were so pissed they were doing circle pits for us. I’ve never had a circle pit for Hedge Fund before. They were so pissed that by midnight, they’d either be in hospital or in bed.”

“Not to mention, our manager announced us before our show as British India, and I don’t think anyone in the audience knew that we weren’t British India… they just crowd surfed.”


WHO: Hedge Fund + Australia + B A R E m i n i m u m s
WHERE: The Vic On The Park, Marrickville
WHEN: Sunday 25 April
HOW MUCH: FREE – more info here



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