Interview: Irish Hip Hop Trio Hare Squead on Swiss Dank

August 11th 2017

Blending hip hop, soul and pop with a Dublin twist, Hare Squead are making moves, bringing Ireland’s rising hip-hop scene to the world.

The trio – made up of rappers Tony Konstone and E-Knock plus singer Jessy Rose – are about to unveil their second EP “Season 2”. Ahead of its much anticipated release, Swiss Dank‘s Mowgli May got Jessy Rose on the phone to chat about the story behind Hare Sqaued, linking up with Goldlink, and what’s really going on with the EP’s release.

To set the record straight, their name is pronounced “Hair Squared”.

“Tony came up with the name. It’s square head mixed around, like a flat top haircut…People mispronounce it hair squeed, or harry squared …we get all sorts of variations. It’s funny!”

Counting US rapper Goldlink amongst their fans, their track ‘Herside Story’ was given a spot on his debut album ‘At What Cost’.

“I didn’t even know he was going to jump on the track. I just saw an email and there was like “the Goldlink vocals are here” in the subject, so I clicked on it and was like cool….I thought it was going to be a remix that was going to go out, but two days later the album came out and I was like “Oh!” It was a really nice surprise.”

Jessy also shed some light on the delays behind the release of ‘Season 2’, whihch was due out last month. Turns out they’ve gone back to the drawing board and are still working on it.

“The third track on the EP I wasn’t really feeling it at all…We are going back in the studio and working on more stuff to round it. We wanted to end it in a different place.”

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