Handmade T-shirts by Kenzie

April 2nd 2011


Getting something in the mail that doesn’t have a clear little money-sucking window at the front is always a delight. It makes me feel like a little bit of Christmas, or I’ve been dropped into a snow globe full of glitter, or like I’ve just seen a really good celebrity. When inside the package is your very own personalised, handmade, soft, colourful, one-of-a-kind t-shirt by Sydney artist cum designer Kenzie, the excitement can almost be too much. For three days after putting in my order, I fanatically checked the post, planned outfits around my new shirt, and babbled obsessively to my friends about how soon I’d have a very timely, original, crockery-adorning Charles and Diana royal wedding tee. I know, you want one right?

It’s easy. You jump on the website, fill in some information about your love of cats, tell Kenzie how big you are, and badda bing, badda boom! You’ve got yourself a real dreamy shirt. When asked about some of the more interesting requests she’s received so far, Kenzie hesitates. “Well I think they are all amazing but the ones that stand out have been “Alien and Enya united at last” and another one in which the person wanted a cat and a dog and a possum all chasing each other in order of tail thickness with a clarinet.”

Bizarre requests aside, the t-shirts represent more than just the world’s most thoughtful gift. “I think of this business as part art experiment and a work in its’ own right”, says Kenzie. The website features a collection of previous shirts to be browsed before making your very own contribution to the gallery. Some of my favourites were ‘yes cats’, ‘cats, dogs, pizza, and bitchin’’ and ‘vegan cats play basketball’. It seems that just like the internet, Kenzie t-shirts are largely composed of cats.

But never fear. Your likes, loves and cats are in safe hands with Kenzie, who has a fantastically colourful, sketch-style aesthetic to her work. The shirts look like what might happen if you locked the cool art kid from school in a magic eight ball with Grandmaster Flash, a pack of textas, and several hundred animals undertaking human activities. When I ask Kenzie about her ideal models, she’s spot on. “I think that it would either be Crispin Glover, Sissy Spaceck or Pee Wee Herman.” Heard enough? I thought so. Want one? Of course you do.

Get your own handmade t-shirt by Kenzie here.



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