Goodgod’s Hana & Jimmy talk Japanese Wrestling, Creative Inspiration & Sydney’s Party Scene

May 19th 2017

  • Dusty Fingers :: Goodgod - Interview

In 2009, Hana Shimada was illustrating, making t-shirts and designing record covers. Jimmy Sing was hosting events, DJing and running a niche record store that largely stocked Jamaican music. Their subsequent decision to found Goodgod helped forge a community around their shared artistic vision.

But before Goodgod became a venue, it existed as an irrepressible idea. It was a force independent of a location or theme.

“We had so much random stuff going on, Goodgod became this umbrella that could cover whatever we were passionate about at the time,” says Sing. In its early days, Shimada and Sing used the Goodgod banner to explore fashion concepts, throw parties with a denim and white dress code… one time they even hosted a pro wrestling Q&A.

When the concept materialised with the opening of Goodgod Small Club, Shimada and Sing had a temple at which to worship. The owners drew aesthetic inspiration from all over the place: from dancehall and Prince’s movie Under the Cherry Moon, to Italian architecture and Japanese professional wrestler Antonio Inoki.

After the Small Club staged its last party in 2015, Shimada and Sing took a brief hiatus and contemplated the future of their creation. Today, Goodgod once more exists as a blank canvas for the pair’s creative musings. Last year, the duo’s pop up dance floor Goodgod Super Club was one of Vivid LIVE’s most illuminating events.

The good news? Goodgod Super Club is back for Vivid LIVE in 2017. Each party places the DJ at the centre of a purpose-built dancefloor, meaning every spot is the best spot for a boogie. DJ Harvey, Karizma, Steffi, Magda Bytnerowicz, Kenji Takimi are among the highlights over four epic nights. Hosting a plush, pop up bar on the purple carpet of Sydney Opera House, Goodgod have also just announced Soft Future Piano Bar as part of the program. Expect ambient synth sounds set against stellar views of the harbour by night.


WHO: DJ Harvey, Karizma and Ben Fester, Steffi and Magda Bytnerowicz, and Kenji Takimi with Noise in My Head and Nite Fleit
WHAT: GOODGOD Super Club Presents, Vivid LIVE
WHERE: Sydney Opera House
WHEN: 26-27 May, 2-3 June
HOW MUCH: $39 – $59 here


WHAT: Soft Future Piano Bar, Vivid LIVE
WHO: Soundtracked by Marco Vella, Rebecca (Sui Zhen), Dongelis, Herber Clarke Jnr., James Tom, Mike Nock, Matt McMahon
WHERE: Sydney Opera House, Concert Hall, Bar Level, Northern Foyers
WHEN: May 26-June 4 (6pm til late)

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