Goodbye from What’s Good

December 13th 2017


Ahead of their final Sunset show, hosts Sally Coleman and Erica Mallett look back on What’s Good:  on-air freestyles, hilarious interviews and silly on-air moments.


Two and a half years ago, we got this email from Caroline Gates:


Hi Sally & Erica
I’m the Program Director at FBi Radio in Sydney. Just getting in touch as we’re currently hunting for a new hip hop specialist show. I’m reaching out to a bunch of people and wanted to see if you might be interested in chatting about it?


We had zero radio experience, and to this day, we aren’t 100% sure how this opportunity fell from the heavens into our laps, but in September 2015 we kicked off the first ever episode of ‘What’s Good on FBi’.

Since then it’s been an amazing journey and we’ve felt so privileged to be part of the FBi family. There have been plenty of highlights– our first ever phone interview where we forgot to put the phone to air, B Wise dropping a freestyle over ‘Dancing in the Moonlight’, putting together shows with all-female, Indigenous or LGBTQI hip hop, Horrorshow performing live in the studio, dozens of great interviews and hundreds of very silly on-air moments.



But the most wonderful part of creating What’s Good has been the relationship that has blossomed with the hip hop community in Australia. We’ve gone from an empty inbox to a constant stream of submissions. Sometimes we’re literally the first people to hear a song recorded a bedroom that day. Crews take it in turns to submit each other’s music, and more often than not FBi is the station that gives them their first ever airplay – which feels great, because FBi is the station that gave us our first airplay: Joyride giving us a spin with our two minute Soundcloud demo at 10pm on a Monday night. The same time slot that we would go on to host.

It’s been mind-blowing hearing the quality, quantity and diversity of hip hop coming out of this city and out of Australia as a whole. We’re so grateful for the chance to support amazing local music, and to be part of a station that wholeheartedly supports us in doing so.

So thank you, firstly, to the people who have tuned in over the last few years. Your love of music is what FBi is all about.

Thank you to the artists who have engaged so enthusiastically with the show – it’s been an honour listening to your music every week, watching your progression, and sharing that with an audience. Seeing an Instagram story where someone hears their song on radio for the first time is so damn rewarding.

Thank you to all our guests and co-hosts who have dealt admirably with the chaos, spontaneity and MacGyver moments that are community radio – Dewis, Dobby, Krystel, DGGZ, Shantan, Ebony, and our many interviewees and guest DJs.

And last but not least, thank you to the incredible family at FBi who took a wild chance on us and continue to do such a fantastic job of championing Sydney music, arts and culture.

We’re forever grateful and will be listening for many years to come.


Sally & Erica.



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