Independent Artist Of The Week: Genesis Owusu

March 13th 2017

Making his mark on the Australian music scene, Genesis Owusu delivers a smooth, jazzy blend of hip hop that showcases both his artistic versatility and poetic approach.

At just 18 years of age, the Canberra rapper has already played Groovin’ The Moo, Spilt Milk and St. Jerome’s Laneway. No stranger to the stage, you may already know him as one half of The Ansah Brothers, where he shares the mic with his (actual) brother, Citizen Kay.

Noting a long list of influences on his Facebook page including Jimi Hendrix, Frank Ocean, Wu Tang and Kanye, Genesis Owusu takes inspiration from a diverse range of sources to create his laid back, jazz-infused-jams. Don’t be fooled by the soulful beats though, this guys live shows are anything but chill.

Keep an eye out for his debut solo release ‘Cardrive EP’, dropping soon. For now, check out his effortless flow on his latest track ‘Mama’s Baby’ below. Beware – it’s damn catchy.


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