Giveaway :: HAIL

October 11th 2012


Three things: amazing new Australian film, based on the true stories of its ex-crim star, directed by a guy who’s premiered work at Cannes. Now that you know these three things, why aren’t you getting yourself to HAIL?

Dan Jones is fresh out of jail, and he’s determined to get himself on the straight and narrow. He’s reunited with his girl Leanne and he’s got a job in a car yard – but an old criminal friend appears out of the blue with an offer Dan can’t resist. After a terrible act, Leanne is torn away from him, and Dan is alone with his demons. But what do you do when the thing you love most is taken away? You embark on an unrelenting, savage revenge journey. Go get ‘em Dan!

HAIL was Australia’s sole contender at the Venice Film Festival last year, and it’s won a swag of prizes from film fests this year. HAIL is bold, harsh and not for the squeamish, but it is gritty storytelling at its finest.

 HAIL is officially released in Australia on October 25th, exclusive to Dendy Newtown (SYD) and Cinema Nova (MELB).



If bold, harsh and brilliant Australian cinema is your thing, it’s your lucky day. We have tix to give away to a special preview screening and Q&A session on Monday 15 October at 7pm at the Dendy Newtown.

But you’re gonna have to work your noodle for them. What would your biographical movie be called if we gave you only one word to sum it up, and why? Flick your answer over to

***NB: HAIL is rated R 18+.


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