Fritz & Flowertruck reveal the first gigs they ever went to

March 13th 2018

Photos by Lazybones and Luke Stephenson

Ahead of Young Blood this weekend, two of the acts on the bill let us in on their very first underage live music experiences.

Pink butterfly confetti, coveted merch and a horsehead mask… Read on to discover some of Fritz and Flowertruck’s earliest musical memories, from B1 & B2, through to an all in mosh at Parkway Drive.



Here I am in 2001 at an ABC show (I was 2 years old) experiencing rock and roll at its finest. I got to meet Bill and Ben the Flowerpot Men (goals) and I was also front row watching Bananas in Pyjamas (goals), literally looking up at my idols. I still take inspiration from the Bananas to this day.

My first proper all ages “gig” however was Bluejuice at the Metro Theatre. I forgot what year but I’m gonna say it was 2012, so I was 12. I don’t remember most of it but I was a huuuuge Bluejuice fan at that age so I’m guessing I loved it. The lead singer wore a horse head mask thing and my brother got a photo with him, that’s all I remember.

Will (Flowertruck)

My first show was Parkway Drive at the Albany PCYC when I was 13. At one point, they had to shut down the show and turn the power off because too many kids rushed the stage and it started breaking in half. A local BMX hero from the skatepark next door had it in for me and said he wanted to fight me at the show, but I managed to evade his grip by crowd surfing out of the venue.

Sarah (Flowertruck)

My first gig was Delta Goodrem at the Newcastle Entertainment Centre, at 2pm on a Saturday afternoon. I was 11 years old, probably the median age of the combined audience. When Delta played her last song, pink butterfly confetti shot up into the air from the stage. I stood up on my chair and caught some confetti and later pinned it to my cork board at home. It stayed there for a few years.

Hamish (Flowertruck)

My first show was John Butler Trio at the WIN Entertainment Centre in Wollongong. I remember him trying to play a song unplugged and getting sassy at the crowd for being too obnoxious. Every time he’d try and start someone would scream out ‘woo!’ and he’d stop. Happened about three or four times before he shrugged his shoulders. Didn’t really understand what was going on at the time but bought the shirt for $40 none-the-less.

Catch Fritz and Flowertruck alongside Ali Barter, Tiny Little Houses & DZ Deathrays DJs this Saturday at Young Blood – an under 18s gig by FBi Radio. Get tickets and details here.



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