Free Download :: Bedroom Suck ‘Go Away and Leave It All Behind’ compilation

January 16th 2015


When you’re sun-burnt and stoked about listening to great Aussie tunes in the summer sun, it’s worth remembering that there are places in the world that aren’t Australia.

Places currently in the shivering grip of winter; where the roads freeze and balls shrink and nipples cut glass. Places where music talent peaks when the bassline drops and you cannot escape Calvin Harris and Ed Sheeran, no matter how many radio stations you flick through.

In these dark and desolate places of the world, what’s needed more than anything else (apart from maybe medicine and food and, you know, the life saving stuff) is a concentrated hit of our beaches, summer heat, long assed road trips, perspiring beers and endless hours of not giving a toss.

Foreign aid comes in the form of a compilation from Brisbane label Bedroom Suck Records titled Go Away and Leave It All Behind. Featuring the lo-fi, laid back, summer love tones of Primitive Motion, Lower Plenty, Fair Maiden and a few other larrikins, all for whatever pocket money you might have squirrelled away.

So don’t worry, World. Everything’s gonna to be allllllllright.



By Daniel Prior – our international roving volunteer who has literally Gone Away and Left It All Behind… Sydney misses you buddy!


Bedroom Suck Records | More free downloads please!


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