For a Good Time Call…Caspar Yuill

February 17th 2011

Here at FBi we don't think you need to be a certain age to appreciate phat beats. Our Underage Sets competition lets five under-18 finalists battle it out on Sunset, our flagship dance show. Here we get to know the cream of the crop.

Caspar Yuill (18 years old), Thursday, DROPP

When and how did you get interested in DJing?

The first electronic track I remember hearing was The Presets' Down Down Down. I immediately thought "what the hell is this?!" and started digging deeper through the indie/electronic scene, which in turn lead to the house, dubstep, dance and disco which I'm now into. The need to share all this music with other people finally lead to me getting a pair of cheap CDJ's, locking myself in my room for a couple of months, and eventually emerging as a half-decent DJ, ready to play out.

What do you do when you're not behind the decks?
I just finished school, and decided to take a gap year, so I got a job to save myself from the inevitable bankruptcy in the post-school period. The next year, I'm going to uni, with sights on a Bachelor of Arts with a double major in Psychology and Philosophy. Hopefully I'll fit in some travel in between then, as well as some decent gigs!

If your Mum had a DJ name what would it be?
Ha! My mum could never handle being a DJ, she can barely take 16 bars of house on a quarter volume on the car stereo. But if she had to, her name would probably be DJ Audiophile. Every time she goes shopping for speakers, we end up with a pair at least one and a half times our budget.
What is your ideal party to play at? Massive festival, chilled house party, wedding, or something different? And why?

Aaahh, that's a tough one. The intimacy of a headline club gig with a crowd that knows and understands your style of music would be incredible, and being able to take a full house on a journey through the musical genres I love would be awesome. However, the scale of a large festival is pretty hard to beat, so its a dead heat between the two.

Any advice for aspiring DJs?
Haha, I'm not sure if I'm fully qualified to give such advice yet, but my take would be two things. First: at the end of the day all that matters is what comes out of the speakers, but don't forget where DJing started from. That is, play whatever music however you like, but learn your history and show an awareness and appreciation of it. Second: find what you love to play, then stick with it. Even if you're the only person in the world that likes industrial-techno-grindcore cross gypsy-christian rap, you'll have a hell of a lot more fun playing that to yourself than banging out whatever the top ten on the ARIA charts is that week. Oh, I almost forgot the most important one: Practice!
To vote for Caspar, text THURSDAY – DROPP to 0409 945 945. Voting closes 25 February.


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