FIDLAR talk rowdy crowds, acronyms & growing up on Mornings with Alex Pye

February 16th 2016


  • FIDLAR :: Interview with Alex Pye

All four band members of FIDLAR crammed into the studio to chat with Alex Pye after the Sydney leg of St Jerome’s Laneway Festival. They spoke about the occasional perils of wild audiences, working with a producer for the first time and the origins of their acronymic band name.

Their second album, Too, is more reflective than their self-titled first record.

“When that first record was being made, we were a lot younger, it was five years ago… so we were all being stupid, because that’s what we were doing. But then the band sort of started becoming the thing that we were doing – our career, our outlet, our everything. We’ve also been touring so much that we’ve grown up.”

They also played a couple of tracks – listen back to the full chat above!




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