FBi‘s Guide to All About Women

February 27th 2015


The All About Women festival is dedicated to the F word. As in Feminism.

As someone who is regularly told by their mother that my generation has ‘forgotten the battles fought by early feminists’, this is an incredibly important day.

While mum and I agree on this point, she’s incredibly disappointed when I proclaim Beyoncé as my feminist hero. Evidently, the F word is a complicated one and there are a smorgasbord of issues to be discussed with feminists and non-feminists alike.

In the spirit of all festivals – from Laneway to the Festival of Dangerous Ideas – the program can be overwhelming. There will inevitably be clashes. And it is ultimately a stamina test.

To help out, here is our FBi guide to All About Women. It’s not gospel, but we think that it’s a pretty good mix. We even made room for lunch!


10 – 11 am: Breaking the Wife Drought

Annabel Crabb

Its 10am on a Sunday morning, you’ve made it to the Opera House. Let’s start with something light. While the issue of work/domestic balance is a very real problem for lots of women, Annabel Crabb has a delightful sense of humor, making it an excellent start to your idea bingeing day. More info

11am – 12.15pm: How to Be a Feminist


This is stellar line up of great women thinkers of our time. With so many strong minded women on one panel you are guarantee a lively discussion. The festival program sets them up to “delve into what feminism really means – and can achieve – in 2015.” This is going to be huge.* More info

12.30 – 1.30: Conversations with Muslim women

Randa Abdel-Fattah & Susan Carland

No discussion about feminism is complete without recognising the unique experience of individuals. Randa Abdel-Fattah and Susan Carland discuss feminism and Islamophobia in the Australian context. More info


You have 1 hour before your next session. Cram as much brain fuelling goodness into your body as you can and get ready for round two.

2.30 – 3.30pm: Mother Courage

Rosie Batty

Rosie Batty draws on her own personal story in this talk about domestic violence. It sounds like a tearjerker but is also a powerful conversation that needs to be had. More info

4 – 5pm: Bad Feminist

Roxane Gay

It’s a common misconception that in order to call yourself a feminist you have to live by a certain set of rules. Roxane Gay is here to carve up these impossible expectations and factor in all the flaws and complications. More info

5.00 – 6pm: What I Couldn’t Say.


It’s 2015 and even my grandmother is on Twitter. The closing panel of the day will pick apart the inevitable ‘fears and insecurities’ that accompany expressing your feminist beliefs online. More info



It’s a huge day, but so unbelievably worth it. Go find yourself a quiet place to eat or drink and let your mind marinate over all you have heard.

* If the title Overwhelmed: Stop Doing it All sings out to you like Beyoncé’s latest power ballad, you might want to consider dropping How to Be a Feminist and getting what is probably some much needed advice.

Also part of the festival, the Baulkham Hills African Ladies Troupe will be performing on 26 – 29 March. To quote the program, it is set to be a “celebration of women, human rights, laughter and resilience.” Count me in!


WHAT :: All About Women
WHEN :: Sunday 8 March
WHERE :: Sydney Opera House
HOW MUCH :: Prices vary, but there are Multi-Pack discounts! Get tickets here 



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