FBi Update :: New Shows Announced for April

April 1st 2014


After a long and extensive review process here at FBi, we are pleased to announce four new shows that will commence on air this April.

Finally we have the chance to fill these gaping holes in our musical and cultural programming: fans of hardstyle techno and trance can get their fix; equine lovers can get expert advice they can really trust; the treachery of the ocean will be monitored by everyone’s favourite vocal submariner; and everyone who has ever considered complaining about something on FBi can learn the facts with our special live reading of the ACMA codes of practice. #codecompliance4lyf

Meet our new programs on air today and below:

  • :: Hard Dance & Trance with Melanie Otuhouma
  • :: Horse Talk with Mel Valkenburg
  • :: Code Compliance with Bart Denaro
  • :: The Shipping News with Pat Dempsey



Happy April 1st, love FBi x



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