FBi Turns 10 Artist Profile :: Alex Lehours

September 4th 2013


 “…I decided to mold them all together and create my own sort of crazy mash up style that a lot of the time may not make sense but it is fun and keeps the viewer interested.”

As you take a turn around Carriageworks this Sunday at FBi Turns 10 you find yourself confronted by 50’s Rockabilly gangsters firing Tommy guns at flaming skulls. Perhaps you’ll confront a dapper skeleton conversing with suited parakeet. If you do, don’t worry, you’ve just happened upon the mural work of Alex Lehours. Alex is part of the live artist displays joining us as we celebrate ten years on air.

Andrew Pople spoke with Alex about comics, murals and the chaos of art…


Andrew :: How did the art world capture your creative impulses?

Alex :: I have always loved art so it as only natural that I was going to one day pursue it as a career. The art world consumes me and I absolutely love it. There are things all around us the invite you into this chaotic art world and it constantly inspires you to keep creating.

Andrew :: I love your combination of street art styling and comic/manga action. What are the influences behind your pieces?

Alex :: I used to read comics when i was younger. Well I say “read” but I used to look at the pictures. I have always loved that style of art so that is a very heavy influence.


I draw a lot of inspiration from different art forms including comics, tattoos, pop art, surf, and pop culture. When i first started out as an artist I was trying to develop my own particular style but couldn’t sit on one so I decided to mold them all together and create my own sort of crazy mash up style that a lot of the time may not make sense but it is fun and keeps the viewer interested.

Andrew :: Your work spans a variety of formats, from mural to posters. What’s been your favourite and/or strangest canvas?

Alex :: By far my favourite would be the mural work. Illustration (free hand and digital) are the more day to day jobs and I create canvas pieces for various commissioned jobs and exhibitions but its the mural work that I live for.

The whole process of starting with a sketch on paper to prepping the walls to finally seeing your piece come to life on a large wall is very rewarding. It’s the experience of traveling to different spots and working with different layouts and sizes which is fun too.


Andrew :: Is creating in front of an audience different to working in the comfort of your studio?

Alex :: It is different because I cant sing at the top of my lungs with my ipod in front of a live audience like i do in my studio (well I could but im sure the audience would get smaller and smaller as I went on) but as far as creating the work itself I dont see much difference.

When you are up there doing your thing you are focused on the work at hand so people watching doesn’t make me uncomfortable. It’s nice when someone is interested enough to stop and watch you work. I’m usually pretty comfortable working wherever I am. I am just there to do my thing and enjoy it and if people like what I am creating then it becomes a bonus for me.

Andrew :: What can we expect from you at FBi Turns 10?

Alex :: Something vibrant and colourful. What it is you will have to wait and see.

Andrew :: Any must-sees on the day?

Alex :: I’m keen to see Thundamentals. I know the guys and really love their music.


Alex is one of 4 artists chosen by FBi and aMBUSH Gallery to be part of FBi Turns 10!

Get familiar with them all.

WHO :: Alex Lehours
WHAT :: Live art performance as part of FBi Turns 10!
WHERE :: Carriageworks, 245 Wilson St, Eveleigh
WHEN :: Sunday 8th September, midday-10pm
HOW MUCH :: Final release $69 / $59 for FBi Supporters, here



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