FBi Social :: Club Cab Sav Early Xmas Eisteddfod

November 26th 2012

Did you know there are only 29 days until Christmas?! As always, December looks to play host to more events than even Santa could stuff in his stocking, which unfortunately means that attending the very best gigs whilst balancing obligatory yuletide events becomes virtually impossible. Thankfully Club Cab Sav, Sydney’s monthly alternative comedy night have kept this in mind and are holding their Early Xmas Eisteddfod, well, early. Those comedians! In the lead up to the show, The Flog spoke to Club Cab Sav-ee and bringer-of-the-LOLs Zoe Coombs Marr about stage-moms, eggnog shots and what gifts she hopes Santa will be bringing her this year. Hint: One of them potentially involves you.

FBi: How would you describe Club Cab Sav to someone who has never been? For $10 it seems like a pretty decently priced Christmas gift to give a friend.

Zoe: I’d say this: “Hey friend. Firstly, are you serious?! Why have you never been? You would love it. I’ve told you about it before but obviously you weren’t listening, so here’s the deal: Club Cab Sav is the baby sister of Cab Sav (a mental performance art/dance/comedy/video/theatre orgy that started in a warehouse about 6 years ago). It’s technically an “alternative comedy night”,  but it’s really just top notch anarchy done by A-grade smarty-pantses. You can’t really see this stuff anywhere else.  You should just come for christ’s sake (after all, it is his birthday coming up). And secondly, I’m seriously reeling that you’ve never been. I mean how long have we known each other? I think you’ve had ample opportunity to show up. I mean, I always support what you do. I’m not sure if we are even really friends after all.”

(And that is an excellent gift idea. Thanks!  I’ll be giving my whole family comp tickets to Club Cab Sav for Christmas now. Unfortunately they’ll be getting them after the event, but it’s the thought that counts, right?)

With this Early Xmas Eisteddfod happening a few weeks before Christmas, how do you plan on spending the rest of the festive season?

I’ll be heading to my ancestral home of Grafton to eat too much ham, watch telly and regress to teenage-like behaviour; slamming doors and wishing I’d “NEVER BEEN BORN!” every time my mum asks me something. Isn’t that what everyone does?

You’ve performed at few Club Cab Savs now with some other permanent fixtures like Mish Grigor, Kenzie Larsen and Claudia O’Doherty etc. What’s it like working with so many funny people/winners at life?

It’s great. And honestly a real surprise considering we all met at rehab. Everyone’s doing really great right now but you know, one day at a time.

Who would you say gets the most Eisteddfod ‘stage-mom’-esque out of you all?

Probably Mish, because she’s the tallest. And also because she gave birth to us all (little known fact).

Legend has it that you staged a spoof drag musical with a friend instead of going to schoolies week (which in hindsight is probably a way better alternative), is that the closest thing you’ve done to being in School Eisteddfod?

No, being in a School Eisteddfod is the closest I’ve been to being in a School Eisteddfod. Once my recorder quartet won first place for the North Coast Region. For real.

Not only does the Club Cab Sav poster promise the event will be ‘extremely entertainment’, there are also sexy Xmas surprises advertised. I’m intrigued, have you got any idea/can you give us a hint as to what said sexy surprises are?

I have no idea. That’s possibly just a marketing ploy. But, at past christmas events we’ve had a scary Donny Darko Santa whose lap you could sit on, a dead Santa on stage, and Brown Council in Christmas T-shirts laughing until they wet their pants. Once I did a dance to the Ellen theme song and gave everyone eggnog shots.  So really, anything could happen.

Without giving too much away, what can we expect from your performance? Will it be Christmas-themed AKA will you be wearing tinsel in your hair?

I don’t know what I’ll be doing at Club Cab Sav, but I always wear tinsel in my hair. It takes attention away from your hips, so it’s very slimming.

Lastly, what are you asking Santa for this year?

A Royal Doulton Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee commemorative mug and coaster set. And a sold out Club Cab Sav.

You can catch Zoe as part of Club Cab Sav’s Early Xmas Eisteddfod this Wednesday 28th November from 8:30PM at FBi Social, Level 2 of The Kings Cross Hotel. It’s $10 at the door.

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