Exclusive Mix :: Space Junk – ‘End of Summer’

March 21st 2013

The path has already been laid for the next step in genre trends, so Telly Maragopoulos (aka Space Junk) has curated a delicious sampler of what’s to come.

Since the US’s explosive take on dubstep started lighting fires a few years ago, electronic dance music has found its way to a mainstream global audience. Things have not stopped changing upon reaching this pinnacle however. The phrase ‘electronic dance music’ itself has been re-appropriated from its origins as a perfect all-encompassing descriptor, to an acronym that only brings to mind America’s most recent obsession – stadium-sized generic house music.

The US has recently gotten sick of this sound however. Pop-tinged versions of UK garage and deep house (think Disclosure, AlunaGeorge, Bondax, Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs) have become much more prominent in the listening habits of many Americans lately. Naturally, this will soon bring the deeper sounds of those genres to light, and that’s where Space Junk steps in.

With jams from folks such as Pleasurekraft, Jack Dixon, Tom Middleton and Karmon, it’s a damn sweet box of ear treats. Plus we’ll likely be hearing Rihanna‘s vocals over beats like these sooner rather than later, so if you want some hipster points then get on this mix. It’s definitely the kind of thing you’ll get to jack off to in about in 6 months time, using the phrase ‘before it was cool’ a lot. That is, until the Empire of the Sun and Daft Punk albums come out and the world goes into a dreamy disco-tinged state of bliss.

Seriously but, it’s good stuff. Tracklist below. Free download for your digilibrary too!


1. Hot Toddy – Mutha Sucka (Ron Basejam Remix)
2. Forrest – Marlon Brando
3. Karmon – Wowshit
4. Pleasurekraft – The Main Ingredient (Jesse Perez Remix)
5. Franck Roger – When You Touch
6. LEFTWING, KODY – You Were
7. Cozzy D – Stalker
8. Tom Taylor – Twilight (Jack Dixon Remix)
9. Sasha, James Teej – Night Track (M.A.N.D.Y. Remix)
10. Jon Charnis – Prophecy
11. Affkt – Sloth
12. Atnarko – Bass Bee
13. Michael Cassette – Crockett’s Theme (Tom Middleton Cosmos Mix)


You can catch Space Junk and Melanie Otuhouma on FBi Radio for Frequency on Friday nights from 1 – 3am.


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