EGOISM chat the strange feeling of personal songs being on the radio and getting back on the road

May 30th 2022

Image Credit: Billy Zammit
  • EGOISM :: Interview with Lill Scott on Up For It!

Sydney/Eora duo EGOISM are back following the release of their latest two singles ‘For Ages’ and ‘2016-2018’. The singles are the previous SMAC award nominee’s first releases since 2021 and mark a more vulnerable era for the indie-pop group. They both come with the added bonus of some slick visuals.

Olive Rush joined Lill Scott on Up For It! To chat about the process of writing these singles, the unusual feeling of a vulnerable song being played to the masses over the radio and hitting the road for their ‘For Ages’ tour.

EGOISM have marked their most vulnerable release with the track ‘2016-2018’. Olive explained to Lill that the track was a leap of faith for them, and not something they had done previously.

“It’s kind of weird hearing it on the radio because it’s such a personal song in a way. It’s kind of like the first time I’ve ever done that. As a songwriter, I usually kind of obscure lyrics in a little bit of haze and a little bit of poetic bullshit … but this one I was like “nah we’re gonna tell the story” and I think that’s exactly what I set out to do … I’m going to tell a story from my life you know and kind of use it as a bit of this happened” 

The group’s other single ‘For Ages’ has a more full and technicolor sound. It however is no less vulnerable. The single aims to highlight the importance of open conversations surrounding mental health. Olive summarised the song’s meaning and lifted the lid on how quickly it came together.

(For Ages) “The song is just about feeling depressed and things are just going to get worse and worse and worse ..” 
“Scout pretty much had half the song … I just immediately wrote my parts than it was just done”

Olive highlighted that it is often on the homestretch where you come undone when it comes to songwriting. In some cases however it’s all smooth sailing.

“When you’re writing a song you’re kind of riding the energy in a way .. If it’s good energy it’ll kind of pick you up immediately.” 

With the hard work done and two new tracks out in the world, EGOISM have been on the road for their ‘For Ages’ Tour. A process that Olive described as both rewarding and tiring at the same time. They have a special plan for their hometown on Thursday June 2, so don’t miss out!


WHO: EGOISM w/ Montgomery + Special Guests
WHAT: ‘For Ages’ Tour
WHERE: Waywards (The Bank Hotel), Newtown
WHEN: Thurs June 2
HOW MUCH: $27.05 + here

Listen back to the interview up top and check out EGOISM’s latest singles below.


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