Driving With Donny: ‘Jack Ladder Feeds Ducks’ (episode 4)

November 5th 2014

Driving w Donny EP4 SS

Treat yourself to one last slow cruise toward the horizon with your loving chauffeur, Donny Benét. It’s been quite a ride…

In our fourth and final episode of Driving With Donny, it’s all about feeding the birds and hoping for something in return.

Learn the intricacies of an ever-lasting friendship as Donny takes his dear friend Jack Ladder on a long walk to feed some ducks and talk about the big picture.


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Created by :: Stephanie Day

Director of Photography :: Jack Saltmiras


Donny Benet’s ‘Weekend At Donny’s’ (featuring “Sex Tourist” with Jack Ladder” is out now through the legendary Rice Is Nice.

Jack Ladder and the Dreamlanders’ new album ‘Playmates’ is out November 7. Buy it!



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