Driving with Donny: ‘Australian icon SPOD, and a Young Henrys brew’ (episode 3)

October 9th 2014


Throw out your old synths, everybody! Episode 3 of Driving with Donny is here, ushering Australian Legend and Internet Lord SPOD into the Italian leather seats of the Benet-mobile.

Fresh from the Great Laneway Festvial Controversy (don’t worry, he’s definitely MC now), SPOD joins Donny in a gritty analysis of the live music scene, bicycles, James Packer and jerky. We also get a heartfelt insight into SPOD’s latest record, Taste The Sadness. (Hint: involves crying.) Luckily they get to Young Henry’s for a beer to lighten the load of all these heavy topics…


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Created by :: Stephanie Day

Director of Photography :: Jack Saltmiras


Donny Benet’s new album ‘Weekend At Donny’s’ is out now through the legendary Rice Is Nice.

So is SPOD’s new album ‘Taste The Sadness’. 

… Radness.



Catch the Donny Benet Show Band launching ‘Weekend at Donny’s at Brighton Up Bar this Friday and Saturday night – joined by Jack Ladder, Geoffrey O’Connor, and SPOD himself. Get tickets here


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